Collection: Private SPA for annual wellness programs and Detox Day

Discover the convenience and exclusivity of a private spa right outside your home in Turin , where East and West meet to offer you an environment of silence, spirituality, privacy and confidentiality. At Sensi Skinfood , we listen carefully to your needs to recommend a personalized annual wellness program that can be perfectly integrated into your work-life balance.

On our website, you will find the prices for each single session of our aesthetic wellness treatments and holistic massages. Sensi Skinfood offers you the possibility of composing your personalized path of aesthetic and psychophysical well-being , allowing you to save on the purchase of each individual treatment or massage.

Each session begins with a special welcome that includes artisanal herbal teas from Romagna , prepared with officinal, medicinal and aromatic herbs since 1930. Our herbal teas are formulated to perform different functions: antioxidant, draining, detox and anti-stress, and are in line with the Ayurvedic herbal teas used by Chinese medicine to keep the Doshas in balance: Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

Our health and aesthetic wellness programs include options to rebalance strength and increase energy, to increase immunity and metabolism, to relax and revitalize muscles, and to heal the soul and improve appearance physical, preventing premature aging. All programs are annual, customizable and editable, giving you flexibility and complete control over your well-being.

Contact us and start your personalized journey to look and feel good, inside and out.

Private SPA per percorsi annuali di benessere e Detox Day

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