Bioenergetic Face Massages - Henri Chenot Method

Henri Chenot, founder of a method that considers well-being and health as a heritage that requires continuous investments, has identified a series of principles in over 40 years of experience to help the body regenerate, heal itself and reach the maximum of its physical potential and mental, starting from a periodic detoxification, followed by advice on the most correct habits to integrate into the personalized routine.

Alessia Lo Verso, Qualified Operator Henri Chenot adapts her knowledge in bioenergetics to aesthetics, highlighting how physiology and tissue alterations caused by internal imbalance are all, like life itself, of an energetic nature.


Facial massage ideal for restoring the optimal state of the skin, correcting small wrinkles, draining waste and toxins and deeply oxygenating, through the contribution of highly effective pure active ingredients present in creams, oils, serums and masks specific for each skin type.

Duration: 60 min €150


Scalp massage performed with the aid of a vibration device to reactivate blood circulation and to relieve tension in the skull, neck and shoulders, greatly reducing stress.
The massage, recommended in case of thinning and weakness of the hair, ends with a personalized treatment based on My.Organics products

Duration: 60 min €150