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Paths of Aesthetic Well-being and Holistic Massages

"To feel good on the inside and also see yourself beautiful on the outside, it is not necessary to go far to the spas of luxury resorts or spas. Downstairs is your private spa, a place where East and West merge to guarantee silence, spirituality and privacy , confidentiality. We listen to you to understand your needs, to be able to recommend an annual wellness program that you can easily include in your work life balance.

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All the prices of the aesthetic well-being treatments and holistic massages that you find on the site are valid for a single session.

Sensi Skinfood gives you the opportunity to build your personalized path of aesthetic and psychophysical well-being with Luisa, saving on the purchase of each individual treatment or massage.

Every single session includes a welcome with herbal teas from an artisanal company from Romagna, which has a long history with officinal, medicinal and aromatic plants dating back to 1930. Sensi Skinfood herbal teas are in line with Ayurvedic herbal teas , healthy and natural drinks that Chinese medicine uses to keep the Doshas in balance, the three vital substances present in the psychosomatic system of every individual: Pitta, Vata and Kapha. All Sensi Skinfood herbal teas are assembled to perform different functions: antioxidant, draining, detox and anti-stress.

Health and aesthetic well-being programmes:

anti-stress and regular sleep for rebalancing forces and increasing energy

increase in immune defenses and metabolism through deep detoxification

sports to relax tense muscles, revitalize and tone the atonic ones and bring the body back to global well-being,

profound beauty to prevent and reduce the causes of premature aging, taking care of the soul to improve the physical appearance and make the skin brighter and wrinkles more relaxed.

The programs are annual, customizable and modifiable.

The programs are also valid for couples.


A ritual that combines the benefits of the thermoregulatory sauna equipped with Himalayan salt ions with those of deep peeling with natural Moroccan Savon Noir to quickly renew and regenerate the skin. The treatment is completed with a compress of Moroccan Rassoul clay, rich in iron and magnesium oxide.


Duration: 50-60 min 90€


Duration: 80-100 min 130€


Duration: 100-120 min 170€