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Advanced Body Aesthetics and Biokalchi Eden

Non-invasive and immediately effective advanced aesthetics protocols and experienced staff guarantee natural, youthful and lasting beauty.

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SLIMMING RITUAL: an exclusive Biokalchi Eden, rich in active and thermoregulating substances to guarantee visible aesthetic results at the very first session, characterise innovative and effective treatmentsfor the abdomen and hips based on fennel, ginger and lipid-reducing active substances, which drastically reduce fluid accumulations and promote reshaping of the figure to make you feel better.

The Eden '4-Axis' method is designed for the following:

•       abdomen, to perform a slimming, lipid-reducing and swelling-inhibiting action;

•       thighs and buttocks, effectively combating cellulite, reducing the 'orange peel' effect, and reducing swelling and fat deposits;

•       legs, to perform a draining and firming action, restoring shape to the legs, improving the appearance of stretch marks, skin elasticity and firmness;

•       arms-neck-collar-neck to achieve an anti-ageing, toning, and plumping action and to reduce skin laxity.

Duration: 60 min 100€


RIDUCELLA: The Riducella method, conceived more than 50 years ago by a German naturopathic doctor and patented, is a real panacea which, thanks to an osmotic process, stimulates the connective tissue to attract excess liquids and toxins, eliminating them instantly, exactly like the sea ​​water which promotes the drainage of accumulated liquids.

Duration: 70 min 150€

BODY MADEROTHERAPHY: It is a set of innovative manual techniques of advanced aesthetics and psychophysical well-being, which in a single session helps the body to dispose of excess liquids and thanks to the detachment of the abdominal tissues it helps to regulate the intestine for correct functionality, improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells.

Duration: 50 min 80€

BODY CUPPING: is a massage technique that involves suctioning the skin using special glass cups that, byconveying a minimum of heat, promote blood circulation in the treated parts, dampening the pain of muscle contracture, fluid stagnation and localised adiposity.

Duration: 50 min 80€

BAMBOO BODY: is a technique that exploits the qualities of bamboo reeds to perform a deep massage with a draining and decontracting effect.

Duration: 50 min 80€

SENSI LIGHT LEGS: A precious bandage with a pool of active ingredients of Guarana and Algae Fucus, thanks to pressotherapy and the subsequent draining treatment, promotes lymphatic drainage which gives the legs immediate lightness, tone and freshness. The treatment can also be performed with Dead Sea mud rich in mineral salts.

T-SHAPE BODY: is a latest-generation advanced aesthetics machine that combines three powerfultechnologies that simultaneously bring about a considerable localised reduction in adipose volumes and skinlaxity for an immediate increase in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to improve fitness. The T-SHAPE body treatment visibly reduces cellulite and reshapes the circumference by firming up the tissues.

Duration: 30 min 60€

PRESSOTHERAPY: For those who want to feel fit in a few minutes after a day of running, a heel that is too high, a physical tiredness during a day at work where you stand a lot, or on the contrary you sit too much.


  • improves circulation by alleviating muscle and joint problems
  • improves the lymphatic system by alleviating fibrous, adipose and oedematous cellulite imperfections.

Recommended for those who suffer from water retention and have heavy, aching legs. 
Duration: 30 min 30€