Do you know the benefits of "infratherapy"?

Infratherapy is a technique originally born in Asia to combat chronic pain, but which has since proven to be very effective for losing weight , if supported by specific draining, reshaping and anti-cellulite protocols.

Infrared rays pass through the dermis at a depth of approximately 2-3 mm (the thickness varies based on different body sites and tends to reduce with age), that layer of skin where cells produce collagen and elastin. Once the rays reach these cells, blood circulation increases and the body's internal temperature produces sweating, eliminating toxins and burning calories. So far there seems to be no difference with the conventional Finnish sauna. Actually in this sauna or hammam, the sweating rate is usually 2%, while in an infrared cabin the increase in sweating is up to 20% more , which translates into almost 600 calories per session with a loss of liquids up to 1200 ml.


A series of sessions in an infrared sauna produces effects that rebalance internal hormonal levels, improve the functioning of the body and consequently the metabolism is accelerated and produces a drastic reduction in fat, as well as effectively contributing to fighting cellulite if you they also follow specific draining, slimming and reshaping protocols.

In conclusion, it can be stated that:

  • Infratherapy alone is not sufficient to lose weight in a stable and lasting manner and should be supported by specific and personalized protocols that combine massages and treatments with a balanced diet, abundant and regular hydration, physical exercise and movement.
  • When using a traditional sauna you obtain a weight loss that involves body fluids (and not body mass) because there is no burning of calories or fat, but only the loss of liquids and toxins, thanks to the sweating process. For every milliliter of sweat perspired, approximately 0.57 kilocalories are needed. If you lose half a liter of sweat in a traditional sauna you burn more or less 300 kilocalories, about half compared to what you would burn in an infrared sauna.
  • Scientific studies have established that thanks to the traditional sauna the body expels toxins from the body , mainly through sweating, opening the pores and bringing blackheads to the surface for easy removal, giving elasticity and freshness to the skin which is deeply oxygenated. However, it is a purifying process in which the body is cleansed from the inside and not a lasting weight loss , which in fact turns out to be negligible, because sweating causes you to lose heavy minerals (nickel and lead) and liquids which are however recovered as soon as possible. you leave the sauna drinking, with the only difference that these are more purified liquids than those lost in the cabin.

Sensi Skinfood has introduced a thermo-adjustable infrared sauna also equipped with Himalayan salt ions which has the following benefits in the spaces of via Maria Vittoria 41:

  • Anti-aging
  • Recommended for the respiratory tract and skin purification
  • Detoxifies and aids weight loss
  • Improves sleep and jet lag recovery
  • Relax and take away stress
  • It promotes muscle preparation and recovery if supported by myofascial and neuromuscular massages.