Do you know the benefits of lymphatic maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy is a massage technique (patented in Italy since 2014) which, with the use of various natural wooden instruments, helps to treat and stimulate different areas of the body, generating an immediate draining, reshaping and relaxing effect.

The results in terms of tone and swelling are evident after the first sessions. This type of massage, originally from South America (madeira means wood), is practiced especially in subjects with cellulite problems, lymphatic disorders, fluid stagnation, localized superficial and deep fat deposits, abdominal and leg swelling.
The Maderotherapy massage it is particularly effective because it stimulates the nervous system, without affecting the tissues.
The work with the hands of the operator who practices the massage is maximized by the tools that allow pressure to be exerted that would not be possible with manual skills alone, thus increasing the benefits and results in terms of effectiveness on the recipient.
Before the massage we always recommend a detoxifying protocol to obtain even more visible and beneficial results such as:
- improvement of blood circulation
- improvement of lymphatic circulation
- skin toning and firming
- improvement of muscle tone
- reduction of swelling in the legs
- improvement in the production of elastin and collagen
- stimulation and reactivation of the nervous system
- reduction of localized fat deposits on the buttocks, back, abdomen, thighs and arms and remodeling of the treated areas with a strong reduction of cellulite
- strengthening of the immunological system and psychophysical relaxation

It is a completely sustainable and green massage method, as thanks to the use of wood, a renewable, recyclable, ecological and biodegradable material, notable benefits are obtained, both on an aesthetic and energy level.

The tools used are made of beech wood, made in a totally artisanal way without chemical resins, paints, solvents, but only with an ecological impregnator based on vegetable oils and resins, beeswax and balsamic oils which help stimulate the senses during massage, precisely to promote psychophysical relaxation.

Among the most used tools are:
- smooth roller used to reactivate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, stimulating the peripheral nervous system and eliminating localized fat.

- toothed roller used for the same purposes as the smooth roller but at the same time to work much deeper, reaching the fat deposits of the epidermis in a deeper layer with the massage.

- roller with 4 dice used mainly to combat cellulite blemishes, tone the body and reshape some areas, such as the hips and abdomen.

- modeling board used to shape and redefine the figure, draining deeply, eliminating fat accumulations which are drained by the adipocytes towards the nearby lymphatic stations.

- mushroom used not only for anti-cellitis treatments but also to combat muscle spasms and low back pain.

- sueca cup used to simulate the mechanism of vacuum therapy with the aim of reducing localized fat deposits in the areas of the thighs, waist, back, abdomen and buttocks, helping to compact and tone the skin and eliminating excess liquids .


Maderotherapy, if performed by expert hands, has no contraindications: it is in fact also recommended for pregnant women.

Sensi Skinfood has developed manual protocols aided by maderotherapy tools and also by advanced technology always at the service of manual skills to obtain effective and tailored results on every type of blemish that presents significant differences from one individual to another.

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