What is the history?

The anamnesis is a procedure which , through a series of questions, is able to recover all the information useful for constructing a treatment or a series of treatments/massages to be included in a personalized protocol which guarantees the final result , i.e. the resolution or worsening of the problems identified on a customer.

In a market, such as that of aesthetics, in which people know more and more every day, through networks and video tutorials, the professional beautician must know how to place himself absolutely above this amateur knowledge, creating increasingly personalized treatments and effective aimed at specific objectives.
The most common questions that the beautician proposes to his clients are first of all aimed at acquiring the general information , which consist in the collection of the client's personal data (name, age and work activity) and subsequently the anamnesis moves on to an investigation of a familiar:

  • physiological history
  • type of birth
  • body weight before and after childbirth
  • feeding time
  • period

and then continue on the habits of life:

  • use or abuse of alcohol
  • smoker or non-smoker
  • regular intake of drugs, anxiolytics, narcotics
  • type of power supply
  • sport performed regularly or not
  • how free time is spent
  • sleep characters
  • urine frequency

  • and on allergic manifestations:

  • main allergic components
  • any hospital admissions
  • past surgeries
  • previous laboratory tests

and end with familiarity with some diseases:

  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • hypertension
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • gout

How to recognize a qualified beautician?

It would all seem very simple, but in reality it is not quite so, because not all beauticians are fully dedicated to customers in an undifferentiated way, without favoring one over another and also because not all beauticians are affable, patient, cordial, gifted with tact and discretion , predisposed to calm dialogue and interpersonal relationships with colleagues, attentive to personal decorum and that of the environment in which they work.

Unfortunately, the beauty and well-being sector is still very populated by very vain "first ladies" who think they are making history in the sector (even if they were Henry Chenots) without knowing that their success requires increasingly higher skills and knowledge to be shared in teamwork , where continuous comparison is essential to increase well-being, which must first be achieved personally in order to be transmitted to the people with whom you work and to customers.
Serious wellness operators have the main objective of helping each individual's body to regenerate, heal itself and reach its maximum potential, both physical and mental , identifying the most correct habits and showing how to transform them into allies for personal well-being , integrating them into everyone's specific routine, through advice that is the result of the ability to personalize, continuously innovating with professionalism and team spirit in which to develop the ability for continuous comparison.