What does detox mean? Why is it important to undertake a serious detoxification program during seasonal changes?

Detox it is a term that is very fashionable and which means "to detoxify" , that is, to seriously free one's body from toxic substances, according to balanced protocols that embrace multiple activities.

Detox it doesn't just mean detoxing from food to lose weight, but also from alcohol, medications, drugs, stress, environmental pollution
In reality, in common use, detoxing has become a way of referring to those diets and foods that can make the body's normal purification and detoxification mechanisms work better.
It is not a given that those who do not need to lose weight should not detoxify instead, for example because the liver no longer functions correctly as an excretory organ.
Neutralizing toxins is therefore very important because it plays a main role in the prevention of those tumors in which oncogenes come from the environment (pollutants, foods, smoking, etc.).
For equal exposure to toxins, the risk is greater for those people who have incomplete detoxification.
Milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and rosemary are very useful for liver drainage, they increase the secretion and flow of bile, which has the task of removing the toxins that the liver has already neutralized.
The treatment of the intestine is also of great importance because the dysbiotic bacterial flora transforms many toxins present in the intestinal tract, increasing their harmfulness, as well as being itself a producer of toxins.
There is a good chance that the physiological detoxification of the body, which is recommended at least once for each change of season, needs to be helped when the following actions occur:

- exposure to environmental toxins (pollution, smoke, chemical solvents)
- use of drugs (especially birth control pills and antibiotics)
- insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals in the diet
- alcohol and drug use
- poor intestinal function, dysbiosis
- skin problems (eczema and urticaria, acne, psoriasis, itching without specific causes)
- frequent headaches
- constant tiredness
- food intolerance
- bad breath
- nausea
- slow digestion
- loss of appetite upon waking
- drowsiness after meals
- difficulty concentrating

Sensi Skinfood believes in the importance of detox actions

which represent the "sine qua non" for a physical and aesthetic form in the name of health and beauty and this is why every aesthetic well-being path always starts from treatments and services included in the detox protocols that we recommend to men and women to live healthier and healthier for longer, removing the stress and anxieties of a hectic life, depression and mood swings, frequent insomnia, physical and mental fatigue, intestinal swelling, constipation or diarrhea, all causes of blemishes and premature aging.

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