What is Holistic Wellness?

Holism means that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

Having a holistic conception of a person means always considering him as a complex unity-totality , not reducible to a simple assemblage of his constituent parts. Holistic derives from "holos" which in Greek means "the whole". The holistic approach in aesthetics takes into consideration all aspects of the individual: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. In aesthetics this means that we cannot simply dwell on the condition of the skin or simply excess weight. We must therefore think of working upstream as well, on the mental and emotional state. By working with energetic and holistic techniques, one can achieve a positive impact on the cause, for example of a dull complexion and not just the symptom itself.

The culture of holistic beauty comes from the East where beauty rituals are always very spiritual and are performed with deep respect for body and spirit. By taking care of our body, we also take care of our mind! For holistic aesthetics, beauty comes from within.

Let's take a few examples to understand better. When we have a cold, a migraine or any other illness, our body, busy fighting the pain, can hardly express its beauty. Instead, when we are healthy, eat well, sleep well and feel good about ourselves we have a radiant complexion, lively eyes and an upright posture that expresses confidence that adds beauty.

Physical discomfort and pain often have an impact on the physical appearance, but so do negative emotions and emotional suffering that reflect directly on the weak point of our body that reveals everything on the surface.

Therefore, whether it is reflexology, massages, manipulations or drainages, energetic approaches bring an enormous advantage in the world of aesthetics which, understood in traditional terms, deals only with external beauty, without however being able to guarantee lasting results, such as those they could achieve by integrating this sector with that of holistic aesthetics, which takes care of beauty as a representation of an inner balance and as a manifestation of a deep and intimate state of being. What is inside is also outside, so the external aspect is closely related to the emotional universe of the human being. Similarly, the imperfection is considered as a manifestation of a new balance achieved by the body in order to "survive". The discomfort of our self finds expression on the skin and through that manifestation it communicates with the rational sphere of the ego.

The holistic operator

The holistic operator knows that cellulite, couperose and wrinkles are not just a matter of tissue, knowing how to recognize the emotional and bioenergetic universe that underlies the imperfection, aware that physical imperfections are often a consequence of a psychological dissatisfaction . Feeling good about yourself, with others and with the surrounding environment is essential for feeling beautiful.

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The holistic approach is typical of oriental cultures, in particular of Japan, where the goal is to prevent skin damage by increasing the skin's natural defenses and not obsessively correcting the blemishes already present as it is in Western culture. In terms of skincare and body care, there is so much to learn from Japanese women for whom having beautiful, healthy and luminous skin is essential, so much so that they identify the purification of the body with that of the spirit. Aesthetic harmony and self-care must be cultivated day after day throughout the year, modifying one's Beauty Routine according to the season and one's needs which vary over the years. We cannot forget that the skin is the largest organ of our body and therefore we need to take care of it.

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