Drainers and diuretics: is it true that they make you lose weight?

Feeling bloated and heavy is not always a question of excess fat, but could be linked to the fluids retained by our body. That water retention is also due to the sedentary lifestyle that many lead, which is certainly not an ally of our health or even of our physical appearance.

In the case of extra weight due to liquids and not excess fat, draining products, always combined with plenty of water to drink, can be useful rather than a diet, because they alone do not solve the problems.
Drains are something very different from diuretics , even if many think they are synonyms.
Diuretics are used to eliminate liquids through diuresis, urine and are used above all for the treatment of hypertension and heart failure. Draining products, on the other hand, are drugs, supplements, herbs or foods which, thanks to their properties, are able to promote the return of liquids that normally accumulate in muscle tissues to the blood flow . These liquids can be expelled through sweating, perspiration and urine.
While diuretics reduce blood volume and the pressure it exerts on the vascular walls,
the draining substances, on the other hand, work at the level of the lymphatic system, favoring the expulsion of excess liquids present in the body.
Inside our human body there is, together with the circulatory system, a dense network of vessels that make up the lymphatic system , whose task is to collect waste substances, toxins and excess liquids and promote their elimination .
Unlike the circulatory system, the movement of the lymph is not guaranteed by the action of the heart, but by that of the muscles which, by contracting, guarantee the movement of the lymph in the lymphatic vessels. For this reason, if we sit in the same position for a long time, our legs and feet swell because muscle immobility causes the lymph to stagnate in the lymphatic vessels and causes swelling in the surrounding tissues.
It is legitimate to wonder if creams with a draining effect really work. The draining action is mainly due to the action of the massage which should also be performed at home after a shower to move the lymphatic circulation, like a sort of passive gymnastics.
To all those who feel weighed down, without necessarily having gained weight, to those who tend to have swollen legs and ankles, not only with the worsening of the heat but in all seasons, detox days are recommended to eliminate toxins and excess fluids, as well as taking draining products together with plenty of water because, as we have said several times, they do not solve the problem on their own.
If an individual takes drainers without drinking, he does not eliminate toxins.

Detox Day

Sensi Skinfood has developed three types of detox protocols:

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2) Medium detox: three hours €250
Finnish sauna+Himalaya Salt Stone Massage+Foot reflexology+Kobido/Botox like

3) Full detox day four hours and thirty €450
Finnish sauna + Himalaya Salt Stone Massage + Reducer + Plantar Reflexology + Kobido / Botox like

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