It is the new trend that is characterizing the Beauty Routine after years of Korean skincare made up of at least 10 steps or even more, because "less is more". Fewer products and more effectiveness in skin care, because they are specific and targeted.

Stratifying products, if you don't overdo it, isn't wrong, because it's useful for taking care of the skin in a balanced way, but if you go too far, you risk triggering the opposite effect: imperfections can in fact be caused by incorrect stratification or layering , which not only compromises the effectiveness of the active ingredients characterizing each single reference, but which can also cause irritation.
The steps of skinimalism should not be more than 5 and include the following products:

  • Detergent

    Also combined with an exfoliant to prepare the skin of the face for subsequent references that serve to hydrate, nourish and illuminate it.

  • Serum

    Designed to be a real boost to emphasize the power of the moisturizer that is applied afterwards. A specific serum for your skin type would be advisable and, in case of uncertainty, a serum with a lot of hyaluronic acid to increase hydration or with the
    Vitamin C to add luminosity.

  • Eye contour

    A reference that can't be missed, designed and formulated for a delicate area that needs a special treatment that doesn't irritate, that is super hydrating and anti-aging.

  • Moisturizing cream

    Another reference that can't be missing, not only to hydrate the skin, but also to create a real protective layer, a sort of invisible barrier that defends the skin from external attacks and atmospheric agents.

  • Sun protection

    To limit the damage of the sun, the number 1 enemy of the skin. The protection, preferably with a 50 filter, must be applied as the last step to complete the skincare routine and, if possible, it should be reapplied during the day to slow down premature ageing.

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Sensi Skinfood has always adopted Japanese protocols, which do not involve excessive layering, but which combine up to a maximum of 5 references, without ever neglecting cleansing, which is the most important and essential activity of the skincare routine.

Discover the robust Sensi Skinfood cleansing line, the different serums, including the hazelnut serum rich in HA, the references for hydration, the eye contour and the wonderful SPF50 with phytomelatonin which is non-greasy, non-sticky, non-shiny and absorbs quickly, performing a deep super hydrating, anti-aging and anti-stain action.