Dermocosmetic blending

Raise your hand if you want ever younger, more elastic, luminous, firmer, plumped, compact skin. Blending starts from this consideration: hydration-nutrition.

Antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, minerals, collagen and hyaluronic acid are the basis of Sensi Skinfood formulations, which has given value to its line of natural dermocosmetics and functional psychocosmetics, starting from "hydration" and "nutrition" , two very important macro-areas in which the customer can find numerous references to customize a Beauty Routine that alternates the active ingredients over the seasons to respond to customer needs in an increasingly complete and professional manner.

The skin is the organ that represents the first defensive barrier of the body from viruses and bacteria: hence the importance of hydration, which is essential to keep the skin healthy and to ensure that it does not lose its ability to defend against external agents.

Bringing water to the body means bringing minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the life of cells and for their functions, including that of reproducing collagen and elastin. Hydration must be "internal" and "external" : for this reason it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and to use moisturizing products to be applied to the skin.

Any lack of water in the short to medium term can cause redness, loss of elasticity, opacity and premature ageing. No less important after hydration is nutrition which provides for a lipid intake. The cells of the superficial layer, the so-called "stratum corneum" are composed of epidermal lipids, which are essential for hydration. In case of deficiency, the skin may feel dry and rough. The underlying layers of the epidermis, on the other hand, are covered by a hydrolipidic film, a real emulsion of water and lipids which, fed by the sebaceous glands, helps the skin remain soft and protect itself. A skin that does not secrete a sufficient amount of lipids, the so-called "sebum" is deficient in oxygen and protection.

It is therefore advisable to use cosmetic fats such as oils and shea butter , vitamin A, from which retinol is obtained which counteracts the action of free radicals, essential for cellular repair.

Sensi Skinfood very often recommends "hydronutrition" already at the age of 30, combining in a synergistic way, according to the "blending skincare" technique, several products to meet the needs of very dry skin, which needs to be hydrated before being nourished, as well as the needs of combination or oily skin that must be nourished with opacifying creams, which regulate the overproduction of sebum, leaving the skin velvety, non-greasy and non-shiny.

Poorly hydrated and poorly nourished skin presents itself: with many wrinkles, compromised elasticity and tone when it is "dry"; with a lot of sebum and oily when it is "mixed or oily".