Panthenol and oily skin.

Winter has begun and this provitamin is perfect because it plays a central role in the correct functioning of the skin, which is particularly attacked by the cold and external atmospheric agents.

Panthenol derives from the Greek word “ pantos ” which means “ everywhere ”, meaning that Vitamin B5 is found in almost all foods, both in the animal and vegetable kingdoms, in small quantities.
However, you can rest assured if you are vegan, because the Panthenol used in cosmetics is mostly synthetic.
When Panthenol is applied to the skin (topically) thanks to its low molecular weight, it is able to penetrate the epidermis and metabolize rapidly, becoming Vitamin B5.
We speak correctly of "topical" application because the Vitamin B5 taken through food is not selectively directed by the digestive system to different points of the body. This means that the digestive system cannot decide that more Vitamin B5 reaches the skin than other organs.
Consequently, the topical application of Panthenol on the affected points of the skin allows to achieve important results on the dermis, which is soothed, reddened, much relieved in itching and irritation, as well as at the same time repaired in its natural barrier function and strongly hydrated to obtain supple skin and protect it.
Panthenol is scientifically proven to attract water and retain it on the skin, increasing its hydration and resilience after thorough cleansing.
In addition, Panthenol performs functions:
- penetrating : pantothenic acid is absorbed by the skin, penetrating it deeply:
- moisturizers : pantothenic acid acts as a humectant, infusing water into the cells, retaining moisture deep within the tissues;
- nutrients : pantothenic acid performs not only a moisturizing but also a nourishing function.
Sensi Skinfood has 6 references in its collection with a good presence of Panthenol within the individual formulations to satisfy the different skin types and, above all, to accompany the Beauty Routine of oily, impure and acne-prone skins that have performed a Peeling Purifying Tuscany.

  • Sensitive Hydra Cream - Hazelnut & Phantenol

    Soft and delicate cream indicated for dry and sensitive skins that soothes redness, performing at the same time an antioxidant action.

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  • Hydra Emulsion - Mango & Shea

    Soft Shea Butter cream, rich in Vitamin E and Panthenol, ideal for ensuring an abundant supply of water to the skin.

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  • Bright Serum - Vitamin ACE

    Face serum with ACE vitamins that prevents damage caused by solar radiation, treating the symptoms of skin aging.

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  • Age Repair - Hazelnut & Hibiscus

    Anti-aging Face Cream with Hazelnut Oil, with Hyaluronic Acid and Hibiscus which activates the synthesis of collagen by acting with a toning, compacting and elasticising effect on the oval of the face.

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  • Rich Cream - Phitomelatonin

    Effective cream with Phytomelatonin and Hyaluronic Acid that intensely and deeply regenerates the skin giving it new youth.

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  • Bright Cream - Vitamin ACE

    Face cream with ACE vitamins which counteracts the effects of photoaging, preventing damage from solar radiation and protecting against skin ageing.

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