How toxins affect our body

Toxic substances are deposited over the years in the tissues , favored by factors such as age, stress, excessive weight loss or gain, smoking, alcohol intake, incorrect eating habits, lack of physical activity and, in women, hormonal factors. Toxic substances cause the malfunctioning of the kidneys and tissues, depositing themselves in the intercellular fluid, i.e. the one present between the fat cells, decreasing the effect of elastin, the substance which maintains the shape of the tissues and the epidermis.

This is why we have chosen Riducella

Sensi Skinfood has chosen Riducella a naturopathic treatment which works from within the body to achieve an aesthetic result. It is the only and original patented method for efficacy and performance, conceived more than 50 years ago by a German naturopathic doctor. The method is divided into 3 fundamental and inseparable steps:

- mineral salts,

- ionization

- the bandage

The mineral salts , sulphates of zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and others are used on a hormonal and metabolic level and, thanks to the skin , the largest organ, are absorbed by the body which takes possession of those needs, attracting excess liquids and toxins like a sponge, which are instantly eliminated. The body starts working as it should, burning more thanks to the metabolic stimulus.

Thanks to the ionizer, the salts split an ion from the molecule that shrinks, thus managing to go deeper and allowing a deep detoxification of the connective tissue, helping the microcirculation to resume its functionality of supplying nutrients and eliminating waste.

How does it work?

The phlebological bandages soaked in mineral salts are distributed over the whole body, guaranteeing lymphatic reactivation through small pressures and lifting actions on the buttocks, breasts and arms through more sustained pressures.

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