Do you know how to take care of the eye area?

We could summarize the answer to this simple question as follows: "The eye contour is cured:
1) with good hydration throughout the day;
2) removing make-up well;
3) protecting yourself from the sun with the right and non-counterfeit glasses;
4) with the right diet ;
5) with regular sleep .

The area around the eyes is very delicate and if not taken care of, you run aesthetic risks due to the particular characteristics of the skin around the eyes , where the skin is thinner and more exposed to the risks of body stress and obviously to environmental ones. It is the area without sebaceous glands , the ones that soften the skin and moisturize it, slowing down its aging. With the passage of age, without the right remedies, wrinkles and stagnation of liquids appear.
The eyes are the real protagonists of the face and if the eye area is filled with showy "crow's feet" and deep furrowed wrinkles, the aging effect, perhaps premature, is immediate.
The first, simple and natural force for eye contour care and prevention is good hydration , by drinking a lot during the day.
The second is massage , a very powerful and pleasant weapon that can also be performed alone with the thumbs, following the crescent shape and promoting microcirculation. For the massage, the ideal is to combine an elasticising oil with a strong antioxidant power, such as hazelnut or almond oil.
You can also think of refreshing natural products such as cucumber or potato slices and chamomile or mallow compresses.
The third is the use of a few specific products , without exaggerating and wasting, in quantities proportional to the degree of dryness of the eye area which must be recognized in its characteristics before treating it with the right serums, gels or creams.
A dry eye contour is easily recognizable: if after washing your face the skin feels rough, thickened and tight to the touch, it means that the eye contour is dry and needs hydration. Same thing if, when you apply the concealer, you notice after a few minutes or already during writing, that it doesn't spread well or even cracks. A dry eye contour accentuates expression lines and wrinkles where make-up tends to settle. To avoid this, it is good to use specific and high quality products. This means that a normal face cream cannot be used in the eye contour unless the brand specifies that the cream is also formulated for the eye contour. The pH in the eye area is different from that of the rest of the face and a good eye contour cream should always not contain irritating substances. Furthermore, the anti-aging active ingredients in the eye contour are present in higher concentrations in order to be more effective and performing.
For the eye contour there are different formulations:
- cream : generally very rich, suitable both for the day and for the evening. It is particularly suitable for combating dark circles and bags, as to facilitate absorption a light massage must be carried out which serves to drain the accumulated liquids;
- gel : fresh and light formulation that is easily absorbed and is recommended during the day, even if it can sometimes create some problems with make-up;
- vegetable butters mixed with natural oils: extremely effective for softening the eye area because they restore the skin's barrier function, giving it a soft and delicate appearance.

  • Lip & Eye Butter - Phitomelatonin & Vitamin E 15ml

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