Do you know what Bio-Quantum Aesthetics is and why the focus of this evolution revolves around a successful beautician?

When we talk about bio-quantum aesthetics we refer to a decidedly innovative way of taking care of ourselves. It is a total aesthetic care that is based on every aspect of the individual: not only the body and blemishes, therefore, but also emotions, lifestyle, the environment and nature in general.

This means that the blemish must never be isolated from the rest , but on the contrary it must be treated through combinations of techniques and products that allow for much better results to be achieved and, above all, faster.

Bio-quantum aesthetics requires knowing the truest and most authentic reasons for skin imperfections and acting against them, avoiding buffering them in a temporary and very ineffective way.

Quantum is the scientific and up-to-date concept of “ holistic ”. Indeed, holism is a philosophical principle which, although it offers a very interesting vision of the human being, is not scientifically proven. Quantum physics is the only science that nowadays is able to certify the fact that various elements of our body are not independent from each other, but are part of a larger system that goes from the skin , the most extended from our body to nature, passing through the body, emotions , lifestyle and the environment that surrounds us.

Quantum aesthetics is based on the care of the person in a global sense, so that imperfections can be treated at their origin. The treatments are personalized and the resulting results are effective and long - lasting . It is a proposal that has no equal in the aesthetic care sector: beauty is the protagonist of a scientific evolution whose center is represented by the beautician-therapist , understood as a qualified operator who is constantly trained on aesthetic well-being (rather than all 'basic aesthetics), as a result of inner well-being which is reflected in the outer appearance.

Nicoletta: SPA & Beauty Therapist - Holistic Operator

The successful beautician-therapist must certainly start from a good training, be ethically professional, have an in-depth knowledge of dermatology and have the exact skills to be able to express themselves with clients. It is not always so frequent to find a successful beautician-therapist, a profession which is approached by many girls who do not want to study and who arrive at regional courses only to obtain a diploma, without first having done a serious analysis on their future and their authentic passions. In fact, a very important and not to be overlooked component are the natural talents and abilities of the person who may have more or less aptitude for a "manual" trade.

Today, unfortunately, the number of beauticians who work behind the scenes is increasingly on the rise: abusive work in the absence of administrative-health authorizations is preferred because it is cheaper, but certainly less guaranteed.

Less guaranteed, because often we don't have the slightest conception of the risks connected to the activity of wellness operators in terms of hygiene and prophylaxis , not to mention the lack of knowledge of the pathologies connected to the skin or to aesthetic problems which can lead to much more serious complications .

To be a successful and qualified beautician-therapist the following are fundamental and essential:

  • Constant updating because the techniques multiply and you must never be caught unprepared by customers who must always perceive that the trusted beautician-therapist is the best in a specific area.
  • Professional ethics less and less widespread in a sector where the oversizing of a low-qualified supply of improvised workers is risking debasing the quality of services.
  • The loyalty that passes through marketing techniques is not always so well managed by a beautician-therapist who does not have M&C training and the ability to read data.
  • The promotion to attract new customers that cannot be formulated with price reductions that are not justified.
  • The quality of the products and services which must be displayed in a clear and transparent manner also in the pricing offered to customers.
  • The staff that must be passionate, close-knit and rewarded for business results and the ability to retain customers, with the quality of the services offered.

Sensi Skinfood Torino , opened in December 2019, is working in this direction to increasingly become a point of reference on the model of a private spa in the city center in the Borgo Nuovo district, an elegant area very close to Piazza Vittorio and the Gran Madre, where the Our staff also speaks English to meet the needs of an increasingly frequent international clientele in the Savoyard city. The wellness space in via Maria Vittoria 41 will soon also host a Finnish sauna to complete the detoxifying protocols that free the body from free radicals and toxins, while at the same time rejuvenating and losing weight, strengthening the immune system and fighting stress and insomnia . The sauna will be combined with detoxifying protocols to complete the wellness and beauty programmes.