Do you know what Detox means?

Too often the word " detox " is associated with a sense of imposition or with flash diets started with the sole purpose of losing weight.

The term " detox " has a much broader and deeper meaning, embracing health, well-being and healing.

Carrying out some purification practices is a delicate and gentle way towards ourselves to let go of all that is superfluous, free ourselves from weights and blockages, embrace the essential, the so-called "minimalism" of which we have already spoken in cosmetics using the English term of “ skinminimalism ”.

Detox is not limited to the world of food and detoxifying diets, but includes many other disciplines, beneficial for the body and spirit, ideal for purifying the body and rediscovering a renewed mental and physical well-being.

Since we absorb so much energy and information from the outside world every day, detoxification should be a beneficial intention and a daily practice for us.

The change of seasons, spring and then autumn, is the perfect time to carry out a deep cleaning, inside and out, look for opportunities to increase well-being and start cultivating new positive habits.

Before experiencing the expansive force of summer, it's time to turn your gaze towards yourself, freeing the body from excess toxins, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing the body, rediscovering splendid sensations of vitality, energy and regeneration within if, by decreasing the states of swelling and inflammation, improving the general state of health.

Practicing the detox of the mind is just as essential as the detox of the body. Mental well-being influences every moment of our lives, affecting decisions, choices and happiness.

Dedicating yourself to mindfulness practices, following breathing techniques, seeking minimalism in your thoughts means detoxifying.

Our protocols

The Sensi Skinfood detox protocols go in this direction and accompany customers on the paths of physical and mental well-being, tailoring the ideal journey for everyone, thanks to the numerous techniques developed over years of study, experience and knowledge of customer needs who lives in the contemporary world, where despite the opportunities to be happy and feel good, there are levels of anxiety, stress and insecurity that rob many people of inner peace.

Every day we unconsciously absorb messages that tell us about almost inaccessible successful lifestyles. When someone asks us what really matters, what we really need to be happy, we find ourselves confused and disoriented. The rush to consumerism and the superfluous doesn't make us feel our most hidden needs, those that represent within us the key to joy and happiness.

Minimalism is born from these evidences of contemporary society, a concept of life where only what is needed to feel good is sought, that is to say the essential.

Approaching minimalism means giving up an artificial, forced lifestyle tied to appearances and fear of the opinion of others in order to return to the essence of things and live with greater serenity.

For example, it is necessary to introduce a good deal of awareness, asking oneself if one really needs a certain good or service and conscientiously approaching the concept of eco-sustainability towards the planet, as well as that of non-attachment to the material world. In this way you rediscover within yourself the attitude towards personal regeneration that passes through a few moments of absolute quality that the conscious individual gives himself to feel good with body and mind.

Sensi Skinfood is an aesthetic and holistic wellness brand that embraces the themes of eco-sustainability , minimalism and skin-minimalism .