How to achieve aesthetic results without resorting to the scalpel

Technology and expert craftsmanship are connected to each other by a thin and very important thread which, together with self-care at home, can guarantee highly performing and effective results.

The effect on the skin after a treatment and the benefit that the customer can experience first-hand by looking in the mirror with newfound confidence and self-esteem are certain and achievable objectives if technology, manual skills, products, personalized protocols and beauty therapists are all present.
Improving the condition of the facial skin and fighting wrinkles and imperfections is possible and it is not true that the only possible solution is to turn to cosmetic surgery or invasive aesthetic medicine.
Today, technology has reached important goals and provides us with high-quality machinery that we use as an aid to our hands to intervene on aesthetic imperfections.
More and more people prefer to avoid undergoing surgical operations and aesthetic medicine considered invasive (think of the high and pronounced cheekbone, hunter eyes - fox eyes - and "canopy" lips) and are looking for treatments equally effective and capable of solving a specific problem.
Rejuvenating your face and improving the appearance of your skin, placing emphasis on natural beauty, is possible if you rely on serious therapists who every day, based on their experiences, improve the protocols with the aim of personalizing them to the maximum and to make them increasingly effective.
Sensi Skinfood has developed protocols that combine traditional technologies (heat-adjustable Finnish sauna with infrared rays) with advanced technologies (T-Shape) and advanced manual skills (Lymphatic Maderotherapy, Aesthetic Cupping)

What are the 4 technologies present in the T-Shape?

- multipolar radio frequency (RF) to generate heat that stimulates the production of new collagen by fibroblasts, making the skin appear firmer, more compact and younger;

- vacuum to lift, fold and compress the connective tissue in order to increase local blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and facilitate the activity of fibroblasts, promote vasodilation and promote the diffusion of oxygen through precise distribution of energy with shaping effect on the silhouette;

- infrared rays to slightly raise the basal temperature (endogenously) of the tissues with the aim of increasing metabolism, oxygenation, absorption of nutrients and muscle relaxation with analgesic effect;

- LLLT laser (Low Level Laser Therapy) to irradiate adipose tissue, creating transient micropores in adipocytes and accelerating the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.

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The T-Shape included in the Sensi Skinfood protocols gives very visible results from the first sessions, both on the face and on the body. The machinery makes a series of treatments even more efficient which can never ignore a serious initial medical history and the ability to combine multiple manual techniques and natural products wisely inserted into the Japanese layering that Sensi Skinfood has introduced in its line, combining in a very balanced and harmonious serums, oils and creams, satisfying all skin types and giving tailor-made answers to every specific need.