Do you know what the new design models for wellness spaces are and do you know what mental well-being is?

At the basis of the new design models there is an in-depth research aimed at not distorting the original architecture and at custom designing, in an increasingly unique, exclusive and sartorial way, the construction choices, the materials and the details carefully studied to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele attentive to well-being in all its forms.

Spaces that are sustainable and integrated into tradition , which include natural materials at zero km, small, intimate and very cozy dimensions to envelop the customer, restore body and spirit, helping him to remove stress and to love himself.
According to the Global Wellness Institute, mental well-being is “An internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect and function. It's an active process that helps us build resilience, grow and thrive."
Mental well-being, therefore, is not just the absence of disease : in fact, above all, it means feeling good and it is the ideal condition for leading a fulfilling life in every area, from work to study, from amateur to professional sport.
Stress, loneliness and burnout have brought greater attention to mental well-being, stimulating individuals to a path of personal growth to learn how to effectively manage daily challenges, focusing on their goals and enjoying the present moment. Mental Wellness, the harmony we seek between our inner life and the outside world, requires time and effort to invest. Mental well-being must be trained and Mindfulness is a mental awareness exercise that teaches you to live the present moment intentionally but detached and to manage reality effectively. The goal is to help people accept themselves and what is happening, without judging themselves, especially from an aesthetic point of view, removing discomfort and negative thoughts, rather than wanting to make a few wrinkles or localized fat disappear at all costs.

Sensi Skinfood Torino wanted to focus on the individual and his needs, creating that atmosphere of relaxed luxury that characterizes the silent, well-finished, elegant, refined and enveloping welcome to remove mental fatigue, not only for sportsmen before and during a competition, but also for a large audience of managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who too often underestimate mental fatigue, helping them to dose emotions to improve cognitive activities and reduce the perception of effort.

Sensi Skinfood is at the side of companies projected into the future!

Companies projected into the future care deeply about the health of their collaborators in relation to whom a culture of well-being is promoted, which allows problems and obstacles to be overcome more quickly and which, very often, helps to prevent them. Among the effects, the increase in performance and a reduction in absenteeism and turnover rates: those who are well on a psycho-physical level, give their best in every area of ​​their life, including work

The Sensi Skinfood space in the city center of Turin is at the service of those companies in which designing spaces for mental and physical regeneration would be too complicated due to their small size and in which designing specific programs aimed at reactivating individual health and vitality potential would be too difficult due to the absence of a wellness therapist in their staff.
Sensi Skinfood therapists are very attentive to each individual client, who experiences tailor-made well-being during the treatment or massage, made even more unique and exclusive by the tranquility and privacy ensured by being the only person to whom the maximum attention and professionalism to guarantee a psycho-physical regeneration useful for finding new energy and concentration.

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