Combattere lo Stress e l'Invecchiamento Precoce della Pelle con Sensi Skinfood

Fight Stress and Premature Skin Aging with Sensi Skinfood

Stress not only negatively affects health but also accelerates premature skin aging. This vital organ, the largest in our body, shows signs of aging, especially on the face, with deep wrinkles and structural alterations. Sensi Skinfood offers innovative anti-aging solutions to counteract these effects.
Skin deterioration doesn't just come from stress . Factors such as unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, smoking and exposure to sunlight and pollution contribute to the so-called "cutaneous exposome". This set of exogenous and endogenous factors accelerates skin aging, also known as skin-aging.
Over time, the skin undergoes chronological aging, determined genetically. However, the visible signs vary depending on several environmental and behavioral factors. Studies on homozygous twins have highlighted how the skin exposome can influence aging differently, despite the same genetic basis.
Skin care should start around the age of 25-30 , when the first signs of aging appear, and continue beyond the age of 40, when the skin becomes less toned and elastic. Sensi Skinfood offers personalized anti-aging treatments , which take into account each individual's lifestyle and environment.
The main processes through which the dermal exposome affects the skin are the formation of free radicals and glycation. Additionally, stress can trigger acne and worsen conditions such as psoriasis, due to hormonal changes.
Sensi Skinfood, therefore, includes relaxing massages for the body and face in its anti-aging protocols, useful for counteracting the effects of physical and mental stress.
Sensi Skinfood's innovative approach is based on psychocosmetics or neurocosmetics. This new method combines skin care with mind care, offering a feeling of well-being and happiness. Sensi Skinfood's Phytomelatonin products reduce stress, tiredness, migraines and psychosomatic disorders. This approach was defined for the first time by Prof. Laurent Misery at the beginning of the 2000s.
Neurocosmetics represents Sensi Skinfood's "beauty pill". Treatments begin with facial cleansing, using detoxifying phytoactives and enzymatic peelings, followed by deep massages such as Kobido or Gua-Sha, enhanced with peptide masks.
Visit our center to find out more about the anti-aging treatments and facial massages offered by Sensi Skinfood, and start your journey towards mental and physical well-being today.
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