Do you know what positive aging is? Do you know psychocosmetics and phytomelatonin?

We have heard several times these terms, which are often confused, even if they have different meanings: antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and much more, all words to express the commitment we constantly put in not to age.

The attitude of the beauty world towards the passage of time and the marks it can leave on the skin is changing. It calls itself Positive Aging and is a new approach to skin care, which no longer aims to obsessively fight wrinkles and expression lines, but to make our skin as bright, oxygenated and naturally colored, while feeling at our comfortable.

Therefore, the secret to having a radiant face is not to appear younger, but to take care of the skin at any moment of life, starting from youth, without renouncing to counteract the wrinkles of the neck or around the eyes, experimenting with the best anti-ageing ingredients.

Positive Aging has no rules because even if growing old is inevitable, everyone gives a different meaning to aging.

Whether it's about having glowing skin or fine expression lines, the approach to skincare relates to how skincare makes us feel and not look, a sort of “Ayurvedic skincare”. In fact, applying creams and serums shouldn't have the aim of solving a problem, but only to make us feel good and relax.

Glow is certainly another word which is greatly abused in skincare: having a luminous appearance, however, does not necessarily mean showing skin without marks, but only finding a way to follow a healthy lifestyle, which allows the face to be full of light and radiant.

This is why hydration is the key to Positive Aging : in fact, if well hydrated, the skin looks naturally beautiful at any age.

positive ageing

Positive Aging also means accepting the appearance of pores, wrinkles and even imperfections, taking care of them with frequent cleanings, exfoliations and specific products combined in a tailored way in full respect of the characteristics of each individual's skin.

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The substance matters much more than the appearance and that's why the main purpose of Positive Aging is that the skin is healthy, even before it is lifted and firmed. In fact, it should not be forgotten that the skin is a real protective barrier, which must not be compromised. In fact, redness and inflammation could be the signal that something is wrong and skincare should be calibrated accordingly.

There are so many factors that can affect the appearance of the skin: sleep hours and diet, to begin with, but also uncontrollable factors such as hormonal changes. That's why Positive Aging aims to support the skin in every moment of life. What is important is to create a skincare ritual that allows each individual to experience skincare with serenity, without anxiety of eternal youth and through the skin, to the soul.

Sensi Skinfood believes that beauty is a sincere witness to the health of the body and mind. Hence the importance of melatonin and phytomelatonin , which have the same chemical structure and are the main neurohormones that regulate the chronobiology of all living beings: they synchronize all biological activities with the surrounding environment and the entire universe that repeat cyclically, such as cell replication, sleep/wake alternation or mood rhythm.

Phytomelatonin , which is the plant equivalent of human melatonin, was identified in the 1990s in some Alpine and Mediterranean plants. It performs a dual function:

  • regulates the photoperioidism of the plant, i.e. the processes related to the timing and duration of light (leaf movements, growth, seed germination, etc.
  • it acts as an antioxidant, counteracting the phenomena of exposure to stress conditions that cause oxidative damage (high or low temperatures, pollutants, ozone, UV rays, etc.).

Thanks to a unique extraction method, still reserved today, the laboratory that chose Sensi Skinfood obtained from selected active plants ( Avena sativa, Achillea millefolium, Salvia officinalis ) a lipophilic extract rich in melatonin: phytomelatonin .

Sensi Skinfood often speaks of "psychocosmetics" through the cell regeneration line with which, thanks to phytomelatonin, an "intelligent" active ingredient, it intervenes on the imbalances in the body, restoring the harmony at the basis of external and internal beauty. The phytomelatonin applied on the base normalizes the dynamics of the dermis and penetrates the body with profound positive repercussions.

Our line with Phytomelatonin

Phytomelatonin acts as an antioxidant, counteracting the phenomena of exposure to stress conditions that cause oxidative damage. Phytomelatonin is an "intelligent" active ingredient that restores the harmony at the basis of inner and outer beauty.

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