Collection: Phytomelatonin


Phytomelatonin is obtained from a unique extraction method, still reserved today, extracted from selected plants (Avena Sativa, Achillea Millefolium, Salvia Officinalis).

Thanks to its significant lipophilicity, this active ingredient penetrates the stratum corneum and is deposited, activating an effective action to counteract the biological damage caused by photoaging and chronoaging.

Specifically, the actions performed by phytomelatonin are:

- Revitalizing action : activates cell proliferation and tissue regeneration.

- Detoxifying action : stimulates the lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins.

- Antioxidant action : counteracts free radicals in the various skin compartments, preventing aging.

- Lifting action : increases the ability of cells to remodel and compact the skin.

- Regulatory action of the microcirculation : oxygenates the tissues, harmonizing the color of sensitive skin.


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