Wellbeing in Turin: a complete guide to living better

Wellbeing represents a fundamental goal in the life of each of us. It is not limited to the simple absence of disease, but embraces a condition of optimal health, essential physical strength and a psycho-emotional balance oriented towards happiness. The World Health Organization, in 1998, defined well-being as an "emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state" that is fundamental to allowing everyone to express and maintain their personal potential in society.

We find the roots of the concept of well-being in ancient philosophy, in particular in Aristotle, who identified the key to individual perfection in the realization of one's abilities. In this path, five rules emerge as fundamental pillars: regular physical activity, stress management, balanced nutrition, sexual well-being and rest, as well as food and cosmetic supplements. These practices are not a fad, but the application of the latest scientific discoveries to personal improvement.

Living well is a goal that requires commitment , especially considering the challenges of our times. Our biology programs us to live beyond 100 years, as demonstrated by studies on thalomeres, elements of DNA that protect our cells from deterioration. However, a long life without care for one's well-being would become meaningless.

Taking care of oneself , therefore, becomes not only an act of personal love but also a responsibility towards those around us , avoiding them the burden of having to assist us in precarious health conditions. Investing in yourself, in your health and well-being is one of the wisest choices we can make.

Often, however, we turn to a therapist too late, when we are already in a state of profound discomfort. To prevent this situation, Sensi Skinfood in Turin recommends taking a proactive approach towards well-being. After a careful medical history, Sensi Skinfood offers personalized protocols, the result of years of experience, aimed not only at improving the aesthetic appearance but above all at purifying the body of toxins and heavy metals, reducing stress and inflammation.

Wellbeing is a journey that begins with listening to yourself and adopting healthy habits. Turin, with its numerous initiatives such as the one proposed by Sensi Skinfood, offers multiple opportunities for those in search of psychophysical balance and want to live a full and satisfying life. Taking care of yourself is the first step towards a longer, happier and more productive life.

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