Did you know that skin talks about us?

Each individual expresses through the skin what he has hidden inside, in the most hidden part of the soul. Skin expresses who we are and how we live our lives. It is the canvas of our soul, where wrinkles, scars, redness and pallor draw our emotional state, our inner world.
Emotions emerge on the surface: just think, for example, when we blush, after receiving a compliment or when we express our anger. It is an uncontrollable reflex that communicates a message.

The skin is our protective layer that extends over the whole body and face, interrupting itself only at the points where the mucous membranes provide this protection.

As the earth's crust protects the heart of the planet, our skin protects our emotional core. Divided into epidermis , dermis and hypodermis , the skin is our largest organ and despite being very thin, it plays a fundamental role in the functioning of the organism, so much so that it would not be possible to stay alive if large areas of the skin were seriously damaged. It is a real protective barrier against trauma, pressure, friction, blows and microbes. It is an insulator and a thermal regulator. It perceives stimuli, breathes, cleanses the body, renews itself continuously and talks about us.
The skin draws our profile in space and, in this way, our body sets boundaries with respect to the rest of the world. It would seem to move on a simply physical level, but in reality one can reach a deeper dimension. The skin, in fact, has a very close bond with the truest and deepest part of ourselves . At the beginning of our lives, skin and nerves are intimately linked. The skin, in fact, derives from the same group of cells in which the nervous system develops in the embryonic stage. This is such a strong link that it persists during the growth of the individual and, given the quantity of nerve filaments present in the skin, it can be considered its own "surface nervous system".
It is fascinating to observe how our skin captures sensations and stimuli that go deep down, in order to reproduce emotions and thoughts which, in turn, regulate the very life of the skin. But it is even more fascinating to understand how thanks to the cell renewal cycle that involves every layer of the skin and which lasts about 28 days, there is transformation and renewal linked to life, death and rebirth. At the end of each cycle of regeneration, even the identity of each individual fades to be reborn transformed.
Skin diseases very often occur in conjunction with difficult moments of transition or profound transformations.
Through touch with a caress or a massage we can convey sweetness in all its nuances, as well as deep well-being. The scent of the skin, on the other hand, translates the thoughts that are diffused by the cells. A person who smells good feeds good thoughts. Someone who smells bad, even after a shower, can repress anger or be filled with hatred and resentment. In the animal world, as well as for men, the sense of smell represents the most developed sense and even if the use of perfumes in cosmetics has led us to forget the ability to smell, we actually feel it very well.
The skin is the place of relationships, relationships, meetings . It is no coincidence that we often say: "I like it" or "it annoys me ... it's a matter of skin".

If there is a conflict between us and the outside world around us, the skin feels it and expresses it.

The conflict isn't always just with others, it could be with yourself as well. If there is an inner conflict and we don't let some parts of us live freely, it is certain that these conflicts will appear on our skin in the form of injuries or pathologies of different types.
If the skin is soft and silky , it expresses the desire to be kind, inducing others to approach us. If it is " wrinkled " it expresses roughness in relationships with others. If it is " pimply " it indicates a rejection of one's own personality. A “ dry ” skin speaks of loneliness, lack of love and sadness.

The skin is a real surface which reflects all internal organs as well as each stimulation of a corresponding area of ​​the skin is conducted inward to the respective organ.

This very close relationship is the basis of all reflex zone therapies, for example foot reflexology .

Itching, rashes, acne, eczema, are all diseases that express situations of inner discomfort, difficulty in accepting oneself , difficulty in changing, difficulty in expressing emotions, anxiety, stress, fear, tensions, etc.
At least 80% of skin diseases come from the psyche. Therefore, we can take care of our skin from the inside by taking care of our emotions, our IO and helping it from the outside with the application of the right creams, oils, masks, serums, etc.
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