Sai come cambia la beauty routine viso in primavera?

Do you know how the facial beauty routine changes in spring?

Spring inaugurates the season of the first weekends away in the summer: more time spent outdoors also means greater exposure to the sun and pollen, two elements that have an impact on the skin. For this reason, it is not only necessary to prepare the skin, but also to adapt your beauty routine, changing skincare products for self-care at home, because the skin must adapt to this transition period towards the summer season and awaken. The climatic change subjects the skin to very variable temperatures in a short time, making it particularly sensitive, as well as visibly with more skin blemishes and also oilier.

The primary need of the skin in this period is to be hydrated and protected at the same time, both from the sun, but also from irritating substances, such as pollen. For this reason the skin needs regenerating treatments to best prepare for the arrival of summer.

In spring, two fundamental steps become essential: the serum and the cream. The first should have a double formulation, that is, it fights the signs of aging and prevents stains, thus carrying out an antioxidant action and at the same time giving brightness. The

Serum should therefore contain Vitamin C, in an ideal quantity to reduce the gray complexion of late winter. In addition to Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also ideal, as it has a soothing action.

The next step is the cream which should have a plumping and regenerating action, maintaining a high level of hydration.

In spring, compared to winter, photosensitizing products based on acids such as glycolic, salicylic, retinoids and Vitamin A derivatives must be abandoned. This does not mean that specific treatments with acids cannot be carried out in qualified wellness centres. low molecular weight, observing protocols to be customized for each skin type after an accurate anamnesis.

The eye contour should not be underestimated, an area of ​​the face that, especially in spring, can appear edematous and congested. In the morning it is better to choose one with the presence of aescin and caffeine to reduce swelling and activate blood and lymphatic circulation. For the night, however, the eye contour should stimulate epidermal regeneration, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, guaranteeing a smooth look.

The sun is certainly a friend of the skin, but if the necessary precautions are not taken, it can become a dangerous enemy. It is in fact very important for the production of Vitamin D, the main bone growth factor, but at the same time it intervenes in the processes of skin photoaging with the appearance of spots, wrinkles and, even in the most serious cases, skin tumors. UV rays must be taken in the right quantity and with due precautions. This means using sunscreens with SPF 30-50 protections depending on your phototype, so as to prevent any manifestations. To be effective, protection should be applied every 2-3 hours when exposed to the sun.

For the evening, in spring, the serum, oil and cream combination is always recommended to rebalance the skin barrier, soothe, relax and reduce tension and redness caused by daily aggressions.

Sensi Skinfood recommends specific treatments with low molecular weight mandelic acid and Kobido massage sessions to best convey specific serums, oils and creams to be alternated with sessions with purifying cast and alginate masks or ones based on peptides and Vitamin C to plump, firm and illuminate .

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