Do you know what naturopathy is?

Let's try to explain in simple words what naturopathy is to better understand the effectiveness and functionality of some detoxifying treatments.
The most accredited meaning of the word naturopathy today is " path of nature " aimed at maintaining or restoring the natural state of well-being of the person.
The term "naturopathy" was coined in 1895 by the American John Scheel, a doctor in New York.

Naturopathy can operate simultaneously with homeopathy (although there are no lexical affinities) with which it shares the individual's holistic and energetic vision .
According to naturopathy it is desirable to prevent the disease by maintaining or restoring the presumed "energy balance" of the person. In fact, from a naturopathic point of view, the disease is the consequence of an “energy imbalance”. The correction of this imbalance would lead to the disappearance of the “symptoms”.
WHO has given the following definition of naturopathy: “…in general it favors the prevention, treatment and promotion of optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and modalities which encourage the process of self-healing.”

The philosophical approach of naturopathy includes disease prevention, encouragement of the body's intrinsic healing ability, natural treatment of the whole person, personal responsibility for one's own health, and educating people to understand the importance health through the promotion of a suitable lifestyle.
Naturopathy mixes the millenary knowledge of natural therapies with current advances in the understanding of health and of the human being understood in the round”.
Naturopathy is the use of natural remedies to relieve symptoms.
Hippocrates said: "Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick." Whatever the symptom or disorder that afflicts us, let's not stop at it: it is certainly important, but it is not the only piece to take into consideration.
The symptom is a signal, an alarm bell that our body uses to communicate that something is not going in the right direction: it is like the red light on the car dashboard that signals a breakdown.
No one would ever dream of turning off the red light by hitting the dashboard with a hammer. We would immediately take action to resolve the situation.
Even if the comparison is a bit simplistic, one should do so when dealing with one's own organism and health, looking at the whole person who has that symptom: in this way, interest is directed to the causes of the imbalances, to what who filled the vase little by little and not just to the last drop that made it overflow.
Hippocrates always said: “The most important thing in medicine? It is not so much the disease that the patient suffers from, as the person who suffers from that disease”.

Naturopathy deals with the person as a whole, with the body as a whole, without ever separating the physical, mental and emotional levels.
We have all experienced many times the influence of an emotion or a thought on a physical function to the point of modifying it. For example, a difficulty sleeping (physical function) due to a thought, a concern, a state of mind; or slowed digestion (body function) following an emotionally stressful situation.

The main foundations of naturopathy are as follows:

1) act in partnership with the healing power of nature;
2) research , identify and treat the underlying cause of the disease;
3) treat the whole person through an individualized approach that recognizes the uniqueness of the human being;
4) teach the principles of a healthy lifestyle and health prevention.

By now even scientific studies confirm what we already knew with our feelings (and common sense), namely that the human being is a single whole made up of connections that open up countless possibilities.
According to an OECD-EU "Health at a glance" report, Italy is lagging behind in terms of expenditure on health prevention, equal to a mere 0.5% compared to the European average of 2.9%.
Yet a recent study by "The European House-Ambrosetti" estimated that investing one euro in prevention can save three in the next 10 years.
Prevention must be " tailored " to the different needs, involving the client in the energy recovery process and making him understand how important it is to eat less if he has a sweet tooth, to walk if he leads a sedentary life, to stop if he is hectic, to replace unhealthy habits and ingrained in the light of new good practices, taking the time to make your own annual wellness plans to introduce into your spending habits, aware that they help you live better, longer and in health.
Sensi Skinfood believes in the power of naturopathy and that's why it chose a patented method created 50 years ago by a German naturopathic doctor to deeply detoxify the body , drastically eliminating water retention and toxins accumulated in the tissues, accelerating the metabolism and immediately feeling a total sense of well-being thanks to the deep purifying action of the entire body and the anti-stress action.