Scopri i Segreti del Mar Morto con Sensi Skinfood: un Viaggio Antico per la Tua Bellezza Oggi

Discover the Secrets of the Dead Sea with Sensi Skinfood: an Ancient Journey for Your Beauty Today

Already in ancient times, the Dead Sea was famous for its unique properties, so much so that Cleopatra chose it as her personal spa. Today, Sensi Skinfood brings these ancient secrets to your city, offering an exclusive wellness experience with the Sensi Skinfood Dead Sea Protocol in our private spa in Via Maria Vittoria 41 in Turin.

The Miracles of the Dead Sea for Your Skin

The Dead Sea, located at the lowest point on earth, is a true source of eternal youth. Its water and mud, thanks to the highest concentration of hydrating minerals in the world, offer unparalleled benefits:

  • Magnesium : by accelerating cellular metabolism, Dead Sea magnesium improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Potassium : essential for cellular energy, gives vitality to your skin.
  • Calcium : protects and strengthens cell membranes.
  • Sodium : maintains the water balance of cells, combating wrinkles.
  • Bromine : has a relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system.

The uniqueness of Dead Sea salts lies in their power of reverse osmosis, through which they release minerals and trace elements to the body, purifying the skin deeply and relieving muscle and joint pain.

Sensi Salt Ritual Dead Sea: a Return to the Origins

The Sensi Salt Ritual Dead Sea it is an exclusive treatment that reproduces the benefits of the Dead Sea salt pools. The experience begins with the application of the original Dead Sea mud, followed by a pose in the temperature-controlled Finnish sauna. After a refreshing shower, a one-hour massage with Dead Sea gel water and the finest Dead Sea salt powder relaxes and regenerates the skin. The treatment ends with the application of magnesium oil, which restores elasticity and tone.

Why Choose the Sensi Skinfood Dead Sea Protocol?

Sensi Skinfood recommends the use of Dead Sea salts combined with professional treatments to combat aging, loss of tone and hydration, and to deal with daily stress. With our protocol, you will be able to experience a profound well-being that leaves your skin toned, velvety and visibly rejuvenated.

We invite you to visit our Private Spa in Turin, Via Maria Vittoria 41, to discover the transformative power of Dead Sea salts. Book yours Sensi Salt Ritual Dead Sea and begin your journey towards timeless beauty, powered by nature itself. For information and reservations Call 3468470097 available from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 22.00.

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