Trattamento delle Macchie Solari a Torino con Sensi Skinfood

Sunspot Treatment in Turin with Sensi Skinfood

Sunspots, also known as solar lentigo, represent a common skin blemish, characterized by patches of various colors and sizes, which occur mainly in areas of the skin exposed to the sun. In Turin, Sensi Skinfood emerges as a point of reference for those seeking effective solutions against these and other types of hyperpigmentation, such as melasma and seborrheic keratoses, offering personalized treatments based on a holistic and sustainable approach.

Solar lentigos are distinguished by their irregular shape and variable coloration, often a consequence of exposure to UV rays which alter the melanogenesis process. Melasma, on the other hand, presents with more widespread and symmetrical hyperpigmentation of the face, often linked to hormonal factors. Seborrheic keratoses, on the other hand, emerge as raised formations of various colours, mainly on the face and body, standing out for their benignity but causing aesthetic discomfort.

Sensi Skinfood in Turin offers a range of professional treatments to address these issues, including Toskani chemical peels, which promote skin regeneration by eliminating damaged surface layers . These treatments, combined with the use of lightening substances, cryotherapy, laser therapy, dermabrasion and diathermocoagulation, constitute an effective approach in reducing sun spots and generally improving the appearance of the skin.

Sun protection plays a crucial role in preventing sun spots and maintaining the results obtained from treatments. Sensi Skinfood underlines the importance of the daily use of creams with SPF50 to defend the skin from damage induced by UV rays, an essential practice for those who live in Turin and wish to preserve the health and beauty of their skin.

Sensi Skinfood treatments are not recommended in the presence of inflamed skin, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or in case of prolonged sun exposure without adequate protection . Sensi Skinfood's approach is based on personalizing the treatment, listening to the specific needs of each customer and using natural products and advanced techniques to guarantee the best results in terms of skin care and psychophysical well-being.

To find out more about the specific sunspot treatments offered by Sensi Skinfood in Turin and to find out how we can help you improve the health and appearance of your skin, book a personalized consultation.

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