Collection: OILY / COMBINATION SKIN - Young skin morning routine

In the morning, 3 minutes are sufficient for facial care which we advise you to perform daily to see the first results after the first 3 months.


-Cleansing Mousse - White Blooms: to gently cleanse, rinse with warm water.

-Skin Toner - White Blooms: to pass with a cotton pad, to remineralize and hydrate.

-Hyaluronic Lotion - White Blooms: in addition to the skin toner, just 2 sprays are enough to tone and lift.


-Hyaluronic Serum - Hazelnut: just 2 drops to prevent aging and brighten the skin.

-Balancing Cream - Pumpkin & Sage: very little product to be applied after the serum to rebalance excess sebum and tighten dilated pores, mattifying and uniforming the skin.

-Retinol Eye Lift Booster - Hazelnut & Jaluronic Acid: very little product to counteract dark circles and expression lines, to be massaged all over the eye contour without forgetting the upper eyelids.

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