Collection: Medicinal herbs and precious herbs


In phytocosmetics and natural cosmetics, the study and dosage of medicinal herbs in the formulations are essential to make the most of the properties that the active ingredients of these substances convey. Many of these herbs have been used since ancient times and their effectiveness has been enhanced over the years thanks to careful studies of pharmaceutical chemistry.

The main plants present in Sensi Skinfood formulations include the following:

- Lavender : antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

- Aloe : soothing, anti-redness, antioxidant properties.

- Calendula : soothing, regenerating, anti-microbial properties.

- Orchid : moisturizing, regenerating, protective properties.

- White Flowers : moisturizing, illuminating, purifying properties.

- Sage : detoxifying, purifying, rebalancing properties.

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